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Culture Vultures offers to study abroad programs the opportunity for students to know a historically important Moroccan market town and it’s present-day community.  Spend the day in Sefrou, ( 25 km from Fez ) meeting the rural craftspeople in their workshops and discovering the rich history and contribution of the Jews who left only some decades ago. The options of lectures, workshops or community service elements are available for further insights.


Culture Vultures ( C.V. ) is an arts and culture organisation nestled in Sefrou, at the base of the Atlas Mountains,  that invites artists and visitors to understand the culture and people of the region through the arts and, in this case, the local traditional crafts and heritage.  This ardently driven organisation is run by a small team of local active members of the community and Jess Stephens, Culture Vultures founder and independent practising artist.

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Woven into our organisation is an artist residency program and abode. Once a Rabbi’s house, Culture Vultures Artists house, in the heart of the old medina,  is where presentations, workshops and feasts can be hosted.  An art gallery and visiting artists also enter into the cultural arena that C.V. is developing.


Groups are divided into small numbers to gain a close-up experience and encourage intercultural dialogue.  Maximum group size 20.

C.V. Collaborators include,

  • Morocco Exchange, CIEE Rabat, AL Khawayn University, Coventry University UK.

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