Sefrou Artisan Visit

As an organization embedded deep into Sefrou’s medina, we have built on the rich relations we have established over the years with the local community and artisan-ship. Finally we launch our Sefrou Artisan Visit.

As curious visitors, you are lead on an exploration to meet the personalities and characters that make up this embracing and genuine market town and uncover Sefrou’s hidden treasures. Let us steer you through the ancient city of Sefrou, open the doors to the local crafts, shake the hands of the makers and discover Sefrou’s multi layered history.

Craftspeople visited include blanket weavers, plough-makers, ironmongers, button makers, tailors and wood carvers. Much of the expertise has been passed on from generations and some through the once abundant Jewish culture; a now quickly vanishing attribute.

Photo by Vanessa Bonnin

Responsible travel is a priority for us, thus we tip artisans for their time and information sharing. Lunch in a clean local restaurant is included. Transport to Sefrou from Fez can be arranged or the public taxi system taken. Follow the LINK for more travel details.

Visits start at 10 a.m. in Sefrou and finish around 2.30 p.m. Contact for pricing, bookings and more information.  Please state Sefrou Artisan Visit and the preferred date of visit.