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pOp uPs

Poetry at the pOp uP

Poetry at the pOp uP

  • Every June a pOp uP gallery emerges in the heart of Fez’ ancient medina. This multi-faceted, bustling but tiny hanout (shop) presents exhibitions by local and international artists and show cases idiosyncratic happenings that feed the creative vitality and cultural noise of the immediate surroundings. Run by Jess Stephens, visual artist and creator of Culture Vultures, ( C.V) the Pop up space becomes more like a mini-art center, every season. Artists are invited to participate, the community is enticed.  C.V.’s Pop Up conjures up think tank, meeting point, and cultural hub  contributing to the vibrancy and every day spectacle of the old medina, the soul of Fez.

 Flash Mob at the pOp Up alZahra.

Timbre Flaws and C.V.


  • Culture Vultures designed and facilitated cross cultural activities and formed a program within  ALC/ALIF .  American Cultural Association (ACA) is the bi national parent organisation of ALC and ALIF  in Fez delivering a language and cultural program for study abroad students and Moroccan students studying English.
Concert at Riad ALIF

Concert at Riad ALIF

Riad ALIF, is a fine example of traditional Moroccan architecture within the culturally rich context of the ancient medina of Fez.  The Riad was specifically chosen as a suitable venue for the developing cultural program as well as offering an additional resource for student study away from the Institute.  Culture Vultures was commissioned to plan and manage all aspects of the Riads sympathetic refurbishment combining the installation of information technology and resources for communication and research as well as a cultural program.


Eric Selina and M’barak Bouchichi @ ALIF


  • Café Clock is a privately owned cultural cafe in the heart of the Fez medina. Culture Vultures helped to create a brand and ethos that created whilst establishing a unique culture and arts profile for the cafe within Fez and beyond. In collaboration with Café Clock a specific aim of attracting a diverse, culturally aware audience of Moroccans and international visitors was achieved
Clock Culture Launch

Clock Culture launch


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