Culture Vultures is run by artist Jess Stephens. To contact Jess mail

or call (00212) 06 45 22 32 03

Master wood carver Omar with Jess from Culture Vultures

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  1. Dear Jess,

    I loved your site and the excursions you organize trough the city of Fez.
    I ‘m from origin a Moroccan who also lives in Fez ( first Sidi Boujida now Narzis) but spend almost whole my live in Holland.
    Whe will be in Fez between 16-05 till 26-05-2012.
    I’m very curious about the possebility’s there are for an excursion to visit the
    best of fez crafts(wo)man
    Are the excursions only on demand or also on regular date’s ??.
    And if possible also the price’s for the excursions.

    Your’s trully,

    Monique and Elyazid

    • Dear Monique and Elyazid,

      Thank you for your interest in an Artisanal Tour , an adventure into the medina and discovery of an artisanal day to day in Fez. An informative and invigorating morning costs 650 dh (58.5€) per person that covers an official and knowledgeable Fez medina guide, paying all artisans involved, refreshments, transport and my facilitation.

      An tour consists of small groups of 2 – 4 people so to keep a personal experience for all those involved. Tour dates are booked on demand .

      An Artisanal Affair is confirmed by paying a deposit of 200 dh(18€) per person electronically to the following Paypal account.

      For further contact please e mail

  2. I just got back from spending 10 days in Morocco. The highlight of my trip was the artisanal tour with Jess Stephens. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to get a true sense of Morocco and its arts. This tour is unlike any other. For starters, unlike most artisanal tours I have been on in other countries, there is absolutely no pressure to purchase anything. In fact, Jess actually tips the artisans to make sure there is no pressure to buy. The artisans are focused solely on showing your their craft. You have a unique opportunity to see how things are made by the people who actually make them. Aided by Jess and her assistant who is fluent in Arabic, you venture into the heart of Fez to see the craftsmen at work in their shops (some of which have been there for centuries). The experience of speaking with the artisans and seeing them in action was priceless. You end at the Artisan Shops, a school for students who wish to study and continue the traditions of their crafts. At the end, there is a shop if you wish to buy (again, no pressure) but the fixed prices there were better than anything you found in the markets in Fez or Marrakech. I would recommend this trip to anyone, including parents with children, who want to experience the beauty and history of Morocco.

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