C.V.’s Social Responisbility

Culture Vultures Charter

C.V. is an arts and cultural organisation established in 2009 to nurture and develop an artist community coming from the heart of Sefrou, an ancient market town in North Morocco.  Through a platform of artist residencies, arts and culture collaborations and cross-cultural dialogue Culture Vultures reaches out to the local and regional community and invites them to be included.

Flash painting the medina walls, gorilla gardening, artisanal connections and artist / community collaborations all contribute to the organisation’s commitment to Sefrou medina and its community.

clean up Willie

* Recycling river garbage into a designed chair. Artist In Resident Wilhelmina Garcia and Sefrou Community

The ancient town of Sefrou, older than its neighbouring imperial capital, Fez, in recent years, has appeared considerably neglected. Now, with a UNESCO stamp of heritage importance, funding applications and development plans can move forward lead by local authorities, associations and socially responsible organisations such as C.V.

To avoid the dilapidation of the medina around 50 houses are in the first phase of repair, encouraging inhabitant to stay. Thanks to the local authorities. The ancient walls of the medina and their ramparts have been restored and the problem of the river and its tendency to be a garbage dumping zone is being confronted.

bottle planters

Bottle gardening with Dar Chabbab ( Youth Center)  and visiting student group.

Culture Vultures community campaign of  re-painting dirty and battered medina walls, planting of seed bombs and community engagement with the hundreds of visitors that C.V hosts annually is an on-going vision. What’s more, C.V. is in the development stages of initiating public art ventures and instigating a civic arts program to build an arts community from the ground up.

paula 72

A Village of One Performance. 2015. Artist In Resident Paula Jeannine Bennett and Members of Sefrou’s Community.

Benefits to the community.

  • Cross-Cultural Dialogue through flash painting groups, presentations, exhibitions and Cous Cous tables.
  • Initiating of community responsibility to the upkeep of the streets via clean-ups, flash painting and gorilla gardening.
  • The increase of exposure to a broad spectrum of art through exhibitions, performances and happenings.
  • Economical – Artists in residence, study abroad groups and visitors shopping, commissioning artisans, eating and residing in Sefrou.
flash painting

Flash Painting Sefrou 2014 / 2015

Collaborators include

MoEX / CIEE , Al Khawayn University, Craft Draft, Peace Corps ( Dar Chabab ),  regional artisanship, active Sefrouian and Fassi community members.

* For more on the Clean-Up project by Wilhelmina Garcia go to  http://culturevulturesfez.org/2014/09/20/sefrou-the-garden-of-morocco/

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