The Original Artisanal Tour: Fez – Sefrou

Artisanal Affairs – crafty tours in Sefrou or Fez’s ancient medina.

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Culture Vultures presents an enticing experience for artists and craft-curious folk to discover the world of artisanship in the ancient medinas of Sefrou or Fez, two of the oldest, continuously working medinas in the Islamic world.

Woodworker Driss and Co /  Image – Holger Gross

Spend 3 to 4 fruitful hours  with C.V. stepping into the workshops of traditional craft-makers, not only seeing their skills directly but finding out about their work by meeting the artisans, picking up their tools and experiencing their daily lives first hand.

Our Fez tour offers introductions to wood carvers, dyers, copper workers , tanners, weavers and more in the heart of the old medina. For visitors wishing to encounter a quieter, rural town, Sefrou is for you where artisans are crafting functional objects such as woven blankets, carved ploughs and tailored caftans.  Some 25 kilometres from Fez, Sefrou has a rich history and is an opportunity to experience the everyday life of a market town.  Let Culture Vulture lead you into the workshops and unveil what lies within the old medina gates.


Fatima weaver and co.

Tours are intended to be inquisitive and personal thus group numbers are limited to six people.

1000 yr old tanning


As we at Culture Vultures embed ourselves deeper into Sefrou’s medina and build on the rich relations we have established over the years with the local community and artisans we now launch our Sefrou Artisanal Tour. Visitors are offered an excursion around the old medina to meet the personalities and characters that make up this embracing and genuine market town and discover the hidden treasures. Let Culture Vultures guide you through the ancient city of Sefrou, open the doors to the local crafts and reveal Sefrou’s multi-layered history.


Crafts include blanket weavers, plough makers, ironmongers, button makers, tailors and wood carvers. Much of the expertise has been passed on from generations and some through the once abundant Jewish culture; a heritage now quickly vanishing.

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Sculptor David Packer says – The tour is an extraordinary opportunity to meet artisans, to see their work and to learn about their lives.  It is informative, interesting and even exciting at one point!  This really is the medina at work.

Copper Worker Mohammed and Facilitator Christina

 Image – Holger Gross

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Video credit to Sara Essouaek and Mohammed Maoufel Madih from  Al Kharawyn Univeristy, Ifrane.


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13 responses to “The Original Artisanal Tour: Fez – Sefrou

  1. Jess, This truly is another unique endeavor, very intimate and edifying for both the visitor and the artisan alike. I hope to join you on a tour someday.



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  4. We had a fantastic time with Jessica and the Artisan Tour was a true highlight of our 2 weeks in Morocco. Thanks for a great experience!!
    Chris & Tara, NYC

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  6. I have happily recommended this tour to many of our guests at Riad Rcif who consider it to be a highlight of their time in Fes. Even after doing an official guided tour of the artisanal area they all commented that this went so much further. As did their appreciation of the artisans as skilled people with many stories to offer.

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