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A Village of One

February 2015, Culture Vultures welcomed International artist Paula Jeanine Bennett to Sefrou for a bespoke artistic residential project. Bennett, a New York-based vocalist, percussionist, composer and artist absorbed herself into the wonders of the local Sefrouvian community and created a unique folk opera titled “A Village of One” “village dial waHda”. The residency culminated in a full performance in Sefrou, presentations in various cultural centres around Morocco including Arabic Language Institute in Fez and American Language Centre.


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AiR Artisan

September 2014

Culture Vultures programmed and presented the first edition of AiR Artisan in September 2014.  Ten international female artists resided in Sefrou, connected and collaborated with the artisans of the Fez region, drew inspiration and built relations.  The fruition of the 4-week artist in residence program was presented at the end of the project as Open Studios,  where the community was involved and general public attended to view and share the artist’s responses; artworks and collaborations continued to develop months after the residency.

Artist Alex Schmidt

Artist Alex Schmidt

Due to the success of September’s 2014 residency, we continue to run a program of  AiR Artisan. For more information on our residency programmes, visit:

The artist Lucia Perluck with her ma'alam Mohammed Benjbara

The artist Lucia Perluck with her ma’alam Mohammed Benjbara

To read the blog created for this project see

Veil by Ayano Nishimura

Veil by Ayano Nishimura

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‘The Way We Look’ – MAREGA PALSER and Co. 

October 2013

Workshop. Oct 13. Fez

Marega Palser and Company are a dance team from Wales, Uk, with a contemporary stance towards multi-faceted performance .  Marega and Co were invited by Culture Vultures to visit Fez for one week and participate in the International Dance Festival of Fez, organised by Babylon Cult Art.  A performance, workshop, cultural and artistic exchanges came to fruition over the residency and a future proposal for their return is in the making.marega-palser-sometimes-01Marega collaborates with four of Wales’s finest  artists, including movement artists Catherine Bennett and Belinda Neave. The artists, dancers and choreographer use their individual styles and experience to provide a subtle and intimate take on the art work, space, visual and sound engineering.


Workshop. Oct 13. Fez

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CROWNWORC – 2013. René Kladzyk.


Rene Kladzyk by Elizabeth Waugh Photography

Rene Kladzyk by Elizabeth Waugh Photography

Drawing from the practices of possession and trance at the Moussem in Sidi Ali, René Kladzyk’s performance CROWNWORC utilises sound and movement to explore concepts of self and other, femininity, and the plurality within.  Calling upon chaotic and primal visions, this solo performance pushes the internal outward and embraces the discomfort and imbalance that accompany inhabiting a precipice.

Culture Vultures facilitated Rene’s residency in Morocco and showcased the performance in response to Air Sidi Ali.
Dar Batha, French Institute, Fez. Morocco.

More on Artist in Residency Sidi Ali HERE

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GARDENS OF MOROCCO – 2013. Heidi Vogels.

HeidiVogels with Gardens of Fez
Heidi Vogels with Gardens of Fez

Let’s take a walk along the green spaces of the medina and look at the city, its sites and surfaces from the perspective of the garden. Heidi Vogels is an Amsterdam based artist, with support from The French Institute and Culture Vultures, she initiated a research project about gardens and stories in Fez that is to be developed into a short film (2014). The Garden Walk, presented during the Fes Festival,  included an introduction to the historical development of the city’s green spaces, an intimate look into stories and memories of Fez citizens, and the illustration of the garden as imaginary space in poetry and song. Sharing stories, facts and finds are the starting point for this three-and-half-hour morning walk together with the artist while turning unexpected corners in exploring the medina gardens and their spatial and social imaginaries.943615_471370849606263_1317889759_nHeidi Vogels (1978) is an Amsterdam based artist, who works in photography and research based projects. Her work concerns the collective and private narratives of a certain place or context in order to unfold and re-situate the subtle relations between image, imagination and the spaces we live in today. Follow this project on FB or go to Heidi Vogels web page

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STREET CARPET – 2013. Colleen Cassar.

Street Carpet

Colleen Cassar and Soukaina Jaoual

Street Ragging

Street Ragging with Colleen, Soukina and so many more.

In collaboration with Foundation Sais, the Fes Festival of World Music and under the parasol of Culture Vultures, Colleen Cassar, with a helping hand from Fez community created a colourful fibre magnificence. StrtCarpet

Colleen relates – “Little did I know when we began our rag rug fence that we would be bestowed with so much goodwill, kindness, gratitude and blessings!”

For more on this project HERE

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 Documentary. Frank Vallenga.

 Frank Vallenga and Culture Vultures ventured deep into the old medina to the ground level of the tannery vats to discover the lives of the Chowara Tanners in Fez.


Photo Frank Vallenga

Photo Frank Vallenga

Stay Linked-in with Frank  HERE

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Photography. Hollis Bennett.

Through an experience facilitated by Culture Vultures,  Hollis Bennett captured the artisans of Fez in a very direct way portraying the pride and strength in their workplaces.

Images Hollis Bennett

 To purchase a limited edition printed book on this project go HERE. Bennett was an artist in resident on AiR Sidi Ali in January of 2013.

CMJN de baseURBAN FABRIC – 2010. Liz Kueneke.

Urban Fabric by Liz Kueneke.

Urban Fabric by Liz Kueneke.

If you came across a huddle of people gathered around a white-clothed table whilst out and about in the medina of Fez, Boujoud, Batha then you would most likely have stumbled upon  Urban Fabric. This art project created by Liz Kueneke has travelled five continents, Fez being the final destination of this series.  The artist aims to provoke a dialogue about Fez by asking passers-by a series of questions about their city, places they feel are nostalgic, uncomfortable or in need of development.  Liz, with the facilitation of Culture Vultures, is on the way to returning with an exhibition of collective maps made in Bangalore, Barcelona, Quito, New York and Fez accompanied by a catalogue.  Follow this project by joining the facebook page Urban Fabric.


Urban Fabric – Liz Kueneke

Watch the documentary on Urban Fabric.

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AiR SidiAliShow

AiR Sidi Ali -Artists Respond.

French Institute, Fez. 2013


David Packer and Margaret Lanzetta  French Institute, Fez. 2012

Exhibition Life Size

Exhibition Life Size

C.V. and Complex Culturel Al Houria Fez.  2010


Daifallah and Chater at the Orientalist Gallery Fez.2009.

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