Jilala in front of work by Hollis Bennett

 Culture Vultures’s mission to enhance cross-cultural exchange and dialogue through art ventures and culture programs, connecting the artist to audience, tradition to the contemporary and local to global.


Mohammed Copper at the pOp uP, 2013

Mohammed Copper at the pOp uP, 2013

Through our program of tours, workshops and residencies, exhibitions and cultural events we have gained a foothold in the salon of responsible tourism, cross-cultural exchange and  a multidisciplinary and multilingual arts dialogue. Artists and audience are encouraged to exchange, interact, collaborate, reflect, perform and create whilst under our reliable facilitation.


Liz Kueneke- Urban Fabric – Fez

Founded by Jess Stephens, visual artist and cultural facilitator, Culture Vultures is a Moroccan organisation based in and around the city of Fez, Morocco.  The office is, many-a-day,  a mobile phone, notebook, bag and medina boots with pop up centres, flash mobs, exhibitions and project facilitation taking place at a variety of stitches on the rich textural tapestry of imperial Fez.

Jess Stephens#1

Jess Stephens at pOp uP aRt centre, Al Zahra. Fez medina 2014. Photo-  Vanessa Bonnin

Culture Vultures is gratefully supported by the hard work of project assistants and by the enthusiasm and openness of the artisans and the extended local communities of Sefrou/Fez.


Jess Stephens – ‘Community Service’ Part of the Bonnin Collection.

CMJN de base


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