A two-day, artisanal affair.

For visitors keen to dive deep into the traditional artisan-ship and encounter the regional crafts, both urban and more rural, this two-part immersive visit is for you.  From the depths of the imperial city of Fez to the old market town of Sefrou, the palette of artistry that is unearthed and the history connected is a hearty feast for any curious soul. As well as visiting numerous artisan workshops and diving deep into two old cities, this two-day crafts-exploration includes daytime meals, transport and a comfortable overnight stay in Sefrou.


Spend a full mourning exploring the crafts work-spaces and meeting the makers in the old city of Fez.  Fervent guests are lead on a day in Fez like no-other, as an array of artistry is unearthed and old-school personalities encountered. Take your time to listen to the stories, learn about the guilds, skills, tools and personalities: really grasping what the traditional Fassi crafts encompass.

Lunch on a healthy, hearty meal in the depths of the old medina before being swept away to Sefrou in a private car.  Once arriving in this old market town, you will greeted, settled in and orientated to get your bearings and find out the richness and hospitality Sefrou has to offer.

Your lodgings, a small old Jewish house, is a stone’s throw away from the artisans’ community in the heart of the medina. As guests, you are free to *cater for yourselves or have the option of a delicious meal cooked-for-you.

The next morning one of our facilitators will guide into the hands and workspaces of Sefrous’ artisanship.  El Huddadine, (Iron-mongers square) hosts an abundance of crafts people from the original metal-smiths to weavers, plough-makers, embroiderers and slipper-makers. Let Culture Vultures introduce you our neighbors and creative collaborators. Be part of the old square for a day by further commemorating, along with us, Sefrous’ crafts-rich heritage and its people.

Lunch with us in the old square and get to know the organization behind this project. We are passionate to honor the crafts and community that enriches Sefrou’s medina and of course, our program.  In the afternoon you are invited to visit the local, government-run, crafts center; before being driven back to Fez to recap and digest the wonders of this two-day artisan affair.

  • Meals include, lunch on both days and breakfast on the second. Evening meals in Dar Soufian come at a reasonable extra cost or we can take you to the local food market to cook for yourselves.

For further information or bookings contact culture.vulture1@rocketmail.com stating A two-day-artisanal-affair and your preferred dates.