Timitar Festival 14th Edition


More than 40 Moroccan and international musicians will attend the 14th annual Timitar Festival, which will be held in Agadir between July 5 and 8.

Under the theme of “Amazigh artists greet the world music,” the festival will gather together Moroccan and international artists to perform their music in a coastal environment.

Notable local artists performing this year include: Asmae El Menaouar, Samy Ray, Najat Rajoui, Rhany, Fatima Tihihit and Fatima Tabaamrant. Several Ahwach bands will also play.

The four-day event will be also marked by the attendance of several international artists, including Algeria’s Labess, Cuba’s Ibrahim Ferrer Jnr and Estonia’s Trade Attack trio.

Timitar Festival allows international musicians to be inspired by the sounds of traditional Amazigh instruments, and hopes to raise awareness of Amazigh culture abroad.

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