Culture Vultures Community Arts Officer

Culture Vultures is fortunate and proud to welcome Jamie Kreindler,  Peace Corps volunteer, as part of the C.V. team for the coming year as Community Arts Officer.  With Jamie’s contemporary dance background and extensive immersion in Morocco and C.V. an organization receiving artists and supporting their arts’ practice, a dedicated community arts officer is a golden asset. Now with Jamie on board, Sefrou’s community and resident artists alike have even more opportunities to connect and participate on creative projects. Meet Jamie….


Connecting with Creative Community

“Last month I traveled back to the United States for my six-week long home leave. It was my second time stepping foot outside of Morocco since starting my service with the Peace Corps in January 2015, and it was my longest visit home yet. On the break, I relished in the gift of time and simultaneously struggled to disconnect and connect.

For people who know me well, it was easier to converse about the deeper layers of my two years volunteering at the Youth Center in El Menzel and upcoming year in Sefrou as Culture Vulture’s Community Arts Officer. Other connections came in surprising ways such as exchanging with former Culture Vultures artist in residence, Lynne Shapiro, about a community cinema project in Sefrou. Travel, friendship, service, volunteerism, culture, language, art, community, and humanity were themes of conversations and links to understanding.


On the flip side of connection were moments of disconnection. Sometimes out of necessity I had to disconnect parts of my Moroccan and Peace Corps identity in order to reintegrate into the American lifestyle and relate to the different experiences of my friends and family back home. However, disconnection allowed for reconnection in a sense.

Now that I’m in Morocco again at the start of my third year of Peace Corps service in the city of Sefrou, I feel affirmed and reaffirmed in my reasons to live and to work here. There are limitless ways from us to connect with each other, varying from place to place, group to group, and person to person. Culture Vultures provides an unique opportunity for connection with community and art at the core. The work is broad in scope, allowing for ripples at all levels. From the origami installations at the local Mohamed V Hospital to workshops with international, resident artists to community cinema projects in collaboration with artists in New York City and the Netherlands, I believe in the value of community arts and the local, national, and global impact of arts initiatives and the relationships formed through them. Creative community allows outlets for us to disconnect, connect, and reconnect. For me, it provides a sense of groundedness as my physical landscape changes, evolves, starts, ends, comes, and go. ” 

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C.V. Art in the Hospital project. Sefrou, 2016

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MarHaba Jamie…

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