Sefrou Cherry Festival, 2017.

Forget the Cherry Queen, there is so much more to experience during the three-day festivities.  Sefrou, a market town at the base of the middle Atlas mountains has been known as the home residence of Fez’ founder, Moulay Idriss II, Morocco’s Little Jerusalem and the Garden of Morocco. All of these and more demonstrate the diverse cultures that have dwelled here on Tamazight foundations, over its long history. It was the French colonials, some 100 years ago, who imported and planted cherry orchards that enriched the opulent variety of fruit harvests gathered in the region and celebrated with a festival.


The merriments, held at the beginning of the summer, ( because of Ramadan this year’s dates 7-9 July) encompass an event that commemorates the harvesting of the red berry and celebrates the local and national culture. In it’s 97th year, Sefrou’s town festival is the oldest recognized festival in Morocco.


Open air concerts, community sports events, parades, local dance and music, horse charges, funfairs, fireworks, markets, and the crowning of a beauty pageant are all part of the happenings. As always, Feshta dial Hubbumaluk presents three days of merriment and entertainment. There are no tickets, music is free and the program is loose, though most of the fun happens after the heat of the midday sun.


Culture Vultures, an arts organization coming from the heart of Sefrou, is offering festival chaperones, for visitors not wishing to miss the action. It’s an event spread all over the town as well as sporadically programmed. Places are limited to small groups. C.V.s guests are provided with a meal, a local festival chaperon, and transport – as the saying says  “from the village of Fez to the town of Sefrou”.   For more information contact

Sefrou Cherry Festival

July 7th, 8th and 9th. 2017

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