Public Art Proposal Call Out.

Water art, land art or public art tender.

Pedro-Marzorati, Where the Tides Ebb and Flow

Pedro-Marzorati, Where the Tides Ebb and Flow

Culture Vultures launches a call out for proposals for a public art piece to draw attention to the river in the heart of a small traditional Moroccan town.   One part known as Oued elHudi ( Jewish River ) in its entirety known as the River Aggay,  the water runs through the heart of Sefrou’s old medina.  A fishing and swimming watercourse until 1950 when the level rose swiftly and the banks flooded, causing much destruction and the loss of many lives. In conjunction with the local council, Culture Vultures proposes to shine the light on River Aggay, commemorating the natural disaster and drawing attention to the present day’s, great need for communal care. The call out aspires to artworks that will engage and inspire.


Sefrou is a small market town at the base of the Middle Atlas Mountains, in north Morocco; a chosen homeland for the Romans, Jews and Amazigh populations, Muslim leaders, and French colonialists as well as being the study case for international anthologists for its multiculturalism and hidden resources.  Caravanserais, living handicrafts, remnants of the rich Jewish heritage, orchards and a cherry harvest festival all embellish Sefrou’s character, along with surrounding rural areas and the imperial city of Fez only a stone’s throw away.

Installation of the art work.  September 2017

Culture Vultures supports the artist and project with

  • Comfortable lodgings in the artists house *.
  • Assistance during the creation of the work.

Materials and logistics of the artworks are proposed to be covered by the local Cherry Association ( for Culture and Arts in Sefrou) with the support of Sefrou town council. Culture Vultures and the Cherry Association will collectively make the project selection.

Proposed art works may be temporary or permanent.  Subject or concept relevant to the location is looked at preferably. Community engagement is encouraged. Accommodation is included.

Note there is no artist’s fee. Immersion in a growing artist community with-in a collaborative local network and a deep insight into the regional Moroccan culture are artist perquisites.

Application requirements

  • Write a project proposal (not exceeding 400 words.)
  • Include 5 – 8 images of relevant previous work.
  • Send technical specifications including scale, material, construction, installation and maintenance.
  • Kindly forward an estimated cost of creation in a currency and value relevant to your country.
  • C.V.
  • Complete the PAF river perosnal information form
Fesson Ludovic

Fesson Ludovic


Project Proposal Deadline – April 25th  2017

The artist is responsible for meals, personal health and travel insurance and travel to Sefrou for the *residency period.

*up to one month.  Agreed upon mutual arrangement between all parties involved.

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