The new territories of identity: the making of radicalism


The International Center for Dialogue and Research on Subjective and Social Identities (IDRISS), chaired by Faouzi Skali and Charles Melman, is organizing a symposium from 17 to 19 February 2017 in Fez entitled “The new territories of identity The making of radicalism “.

For this symposium we wanted to be particularly interested in identity ideologies related to the religious fact and we also wanted this approach to be trans-disciplinary.
The rise of extremist ideologies linked to religions and, in this case, to Islam can not be analyzed in a univocal way. Political (or geo-political), psychological, sociological, theological or spiritual factors are involved in a complex way that it is up to us to make intelligible.

This is nothing less than to contribute to understanding and putting into practice solutions that preserve the conditions of living together, of peace and of trust, without which no community of destinies Is possible.
It is also a way of better understanding and deconstructing the discourses – and thus the influence – of all these apocalyptic heralds of tribal or identity wars, ideologues or populists, which flourish today.

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