Fez 2nd International Artists Gathering


The 2nd International Artists Gathering in Fez is a festival that seeks to unite different world cultures through art.

Through a series of exhibitions, panels and workshops, the gathering will be held on 12-15 January to explore the theme of Art in the Time of Crisis.

In its second year, the gathering seeks to provide a platform to connect countless diverse artists from all over the globe. Congregating in the sacred city of Fez, the gathering will be filled with discussions, exhibitions and workshops that are open for everyone to take part in. They will discuss very pertinent issues that permeate various parts of the world today.

Founded and directed by local Fez photographer, Omar Chennafi, the gathering this year explores the theme of “Art in the Time of Crisis.”

“We want to give these major issues a different perspective and open up the dialogue,” Chennafi said.

For more information about the International Artists Gathering and for a full breakdown of the schedule, please visit, www.fezgathering.com.

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