Moroccan Artists Call Out

Public art, performance and illustration.

Art Project Call Out

The Art Work

  • Public art piece and/or performance to be presented in conjunction with the launch of a public art scheme in the medina of Sefrou. Applications including sculpture, installation, sound scape, projections, performances ( dance, theater,fine art happenings) and murals are all encouraged.  Themes should be related to the title ‘Multiculturalism”. Illustrators are asked to apply with the prospect of attending the event to create material for the later publications( print and electronic)
Blue Trees  by Konstantin Dimopoulos

Blue Trees
by Konstantin Dimopoulos

The Setting

  • PAF – The bigger pictureCulture Vultures strives to deliver contemporary public art works, frequent performances and regular community arts workshops that will collectively bring Sefrou medina to life, transforming the old city and encouraging a sense of pride for those involved and residents alike.

A round table, will create content for a theme of Multiculturalism and be published on-line and in print.  The purpose is for the material to inspire artists and feed the work of public art installed in the medina of Sefrou.  Illustrated artwork will accompany the printed and electronic outcome.

  • The 5-year vision for this project (title) is to develop Sefrou’s medina as an artistic podium with contemporary public artworks from international and national artists, the local crafts people and the community of Sefrou. This is a unique and bold opportunity that promises to be an engaging and ongoing arts program.
  • The coming-event – A round table of scholars in the flied of Moroccan culture and sociology will unravel and further discuss the topic of Multiculturalism specific to the town and region of Sefrou.   The aim is to create a theme feed by electronic and printed material that is accessible to artists coming to Sefrou and curate an ongoing, consistent and relevant public art collection.  The informative event also includes an invited audience.  It is a opportunity to demonstrate and inform visitors and potential partners the scope of public art and to further develop an understanding of art in the community.

Provisional date of coming event – February 23rd, 2017

  • The content of the round table is to be presented online, in the form of video, audio and a text along with recommended articles and links for further research.  A book/zine of the round tables’ content will also be published, enabling artists and the culturally interested to refer to it for a sustainable amount of time from then on.  Artworks involved are to be documented and included in the on-line and printed material.
Marinella Senatore (2012)

Marinella Senatore (2012)

The Organization

Culture Vultures is an arts and cultural organization founded and based in the Moroccan market town, Sefrou. Now in its 8th year, Culture Vultures’ mission is to celebrate and facilitate local, national and international arts and offer immersive cross cultural experiences. Culture Vultures is committed to community involvement and has built up a vast network of international and Moroccan artists and local artisans and has produced a wide range of programs and activities including:

  • The design and facilitation of immersive artist residency programs.
  • Connecting visitors with the traditional regional artisanship through residencies, tours and workshops.
  • Presenting a regular Pop Up Gallery spaces in the medinas of Fes and Sefrou.
  • Community service projects such as Community Cinema and Art in the Hospital.
  • Hosting international and Moroccan student groups.

The team at C.V. is headed by British visual artist Jess Stephens and includes a small local broad-minded team and a wide range of collaborators, including; Sacred Music Festival – Fes Saiss, American Language Centre-Fes, French institute-Fes, Café Clock-Fes, Sefrou Baladia, Café Tissardmine-Rissani, Ministry of Health, Local associations, Coventry University UK,  Alkawayan University and Morocco Exchange.



The proposal – A ‘Medina of Arts’

  • Sefrou – A market town at the base of the Middle Atlas Mountains once holding a large Jewish population, Amazight culture and customs from its foundations-up, home to the Moulay Iriss II ( founder of Fez) and a site neighbored by the romans. The ancient medina, recently boosted by UNESCO’s approval of heritage and historical importance, is in much need of attention and the coming development.  A seemingly neglected old town and subsequent community. Once titled Little Jerusalem and Garden of Morocco, C.V. would like to add the slogan, ‘Medina of Arts’  to Sefrou’s wall of fame, further boosting civic pride and duty.


With this project, Culture Vultures aims at increasing the number of visitors and to help economic and social capitol, creating opportunities and stimulation for the community and visitors for an extended time after.

 How to Apply

  1. Project proposal of 200 – 600 words
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Technical requirements
  4. 4 – 6 examples of work

All of the above should be sent to

Application Deadline January 10th.


Artists are housed in Culture Vultures Artist Residency in Sefrou Medina, for the period of the execution of the work and the event.

Travel, food and *execution of artwork is covered.

*Art pieces that require a budget -. The organization cannot guarantee the execution of high-budget artwork until the art pieces are proposed and are submitted into sponsor proposals and the funds raised.  

Requirements of the artwork   

  • The artist must be of Moroccan origin.
  • Art works must consider the theme of Multiculturalism
  • Art installations can be ephemeral or permanent.
  • Illustrations can be executed before, during or after the round table event.
  • Performances should be kept to a time limit of 10 minutes.
  • Accepted project proposals of a high budget are open to dialogue concerning cost of creation.
  • Multi-media, installation, sculpture, sound art, photography, text-based, dance, performance, music are all accepted.

Applications and more information contact

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  1. ‘Multiculturalism’ project theme over the next 5 years is an exciting prospect of time investment, allowing ideas to breath and develop.
    I look forward to seeing the next 5 years unfold.

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