Hear the Sweet Story -Performance-


Saturday, October 29th at 19h,
The French Institute Gallery

Olivier Raymond, dancer
Amal Oursana, dancer
Teodora TABACARU, flautist
In the installation space
Odile Guinand, visual artist

Two dancers and a flautist gather around Odile Guinand to show that despite everything that could separate them they succeed during the time of a performance, to work together to give, to see and hear the chant Masnavi-I Ma’navi.
Amal Oursana was born in France, she is of Moroccan origin living in Italy. She is a physician acupuncturist near Florence. She was a student of Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani al Qubrusi and practices the sama ‘according to the Mevlevi tradition of Konya. She regularly leads Sufi dance workshops.

For more information visit Fez French Institute

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