Amateur Photographers of the World: A Look at the Other

Opening Thursday, May 5, 18:30, of the French Institute Gallery

Exhibition from May 5th to June 5th


Intercultural and interreligious dialogue has for years been a priority of Austrian foreign cultural policy. In order to strengthen this aspect of Austrian diplomacy, a working group entitled “Dialogue of Cultures” was established within the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs which aims to promote understanding among peoples by overcoming prejudices and stereotypes and thus build democracy, the rule of law and the rights of the man. The projects from this working group are characterized by continuous cooperation with civil society, the latter being composed of organizations and individuals who devote all their efforts to promote dialogue. In this logic, a photo competition entitled “Intercultural Encounters” was launched in 2014. This initiative was intended to capture impressions, encounters and experiences that highlight the intimate juxtaposition and the unknown and the virtues attraction and rejection that occur. This project aimed to illustrate the many facets of dialogue such as the diversity of opinion, interpretation and understanding using photographs in respect of the subject presented.

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