Art in the medina of Sefrou

Open Studios showcases the work of five arts practitioners who have come together for the month of January in Sefrou  as selected artists under Culture Vultures  artist residency program Textile AiR.  This project was designed to intertwine artists from various disciplines and cultures with the textile artisan-ship of Morocco, building collaborations, enabling intercultural dialogue and feeding the creative practice of both visiting artists and local crafts community alike.

Anna Hopkins, Erna Van Sambeek, Keryn James, Vanessa Kamp and Heidi Abraham. 

open studios air textile

Open Studios / AiR Textile

Sunday 31st January, 2.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m

Haddadine Square,  Sefrou. 

In conjunction with Open Studios is the opening of the exhibition remnants .

The show runs until 17th of February.



The artisans of the Sefrou medina are a remnant of a bygone era where art is craft and craft is art, there need not be any differentiation.  The artisans are the life of this magical place, where like the threads of a carpet the tiny alleyways and paths are interwoven, dynamic and strong. The artisans are storytellers of the best kind; they speak not only in words but also through their discipline. If you listen carefully you can hear the language of the loom as you pass a weaver’s studio or the clatter of the few metal workers who once filled the whole lane with their sounds. Here in the Sefrou medina function and beauty are still synonymous. All has its purpose. Objects are relics rather than replicas and are not to be discarded easily.  The exhibition remnants. celebrates this idea. It brings together remnants of the current five Culture Vulture resident artists studio work from their month long stay in Sefrou. The works even if only a fragment hold strong and speak of the rich interaction each artist has had with the artisans and the life of the medina.

Written by Heidi Abraham

remnants. opens at Culture Vultures on Sunday the 31st of January and runs until the 17th of February.

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