Fez Festival – 2014 Programme

Fes Festival of

World Sacred Music

20th edition: 13-21 June 2014

The Conference of the Birds: Journey of Cultures


The theme of the 2014 Festival is The Conference of the Birds. This is an epic poem of some 4500 lines, written in Persian by the poet Farid ud-Din Attar and finished in around 1177. It is a Sufi allegorical poem that tells the story of the quest for a king undertaken by the birds of the world. It also describes the Sufi path to enlightenment.

fes festival 2014

Provisional programme:


Friday 13 June

21h00 at Bab al Makina: opening concert: a premiere of a work specially commissioned by the Spirit of Fes Foundation


Saturday 14 June

16h00 at Batha Museum: Gitans de Provence: Sacred Songs of the Provencal Gypsies (France)

21h00 at Bab al Makina: Robert Alagna with Mediterraneo, specially commissioned for the Fes Festival


Sunday 15 June

16h00 at Batha Museum: Altan Ensemble (Ireland)

21h00 at Bab al Makina: Youssou N’Dour and Johnny Clegg, in a tribute to Nelson Mandela


Monday 16 June

16h00 Batha Museum: Bardic Divas from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Night in the Medina I:

20h00 and 22h00 at Dar Adiyel: Malhoun from Fes and Meknes

20h00 and 22h00 at Dar Mokri: Palestine Concert

21h00 at Batha Museum: Tomatito (Spain) with Omar Boutmazought (Morocco)


Tuesday 17 June

16h00 Batha Museum: Jordi Savall with the Jewish-Arab singer Lior Elmaleh: Mare Nostrum

Night in the Medina II:

20h00 and 22h00 at Dar Adiyel: Leili Anvar: The Conference of the Birds, a musical lecture (France/Iran)

20h00 and 22h00 at Dar Mokri: St Ephraim Choir (Hungary)

21h00 at Batha Museum: Rokia Traoré: Beautiful Africa (Mali)


Wednesday 18 June (no afternoon concert)

Night in the Medina III

20h00 and 22h00 at Dar Adiyel: Wang-Li: Sounds of the Atlas with a Jew’s Harp (China)

20h00 and 22h00 at Dar Mokri: Mor Karbasi: Ladino sacred song

21h00 at Batha Museum: Zakir Hussein (India)


Thursday 19 June

16h00 at Batha Museum: Luzmilla Carpio (Bolivia)

21h00 at Bab al Makina: Special Jewish-Arab evening of Andalous Music


Friday 20 June

16h00 at Batha Museum: Palais Royale Ensemble (France)

21h00 at Bab al Makina: Special evening of Arab Music with artists from Morocco and the Arab world


Saturday 21 June

10h00 at Batha Museum: Morning concert with Ustad F. Wasifuddin Dagar (India)

16h00 at Batha Museum: Raza Khan and Coumbane Mint Ely Warakane (India and Mauritania) with Poems of the sands and nomads

21h00 at Bab al Makina: Buddy Guy Legend with the Hot 8 Brass Band of New Orleans (USA)


Sufi Nights: every evening from 23h00 at Dar Tazi. A different Sufi brotherhood performs each night.

Forum: Giving Soul to Globalisation: from 09h00-12h30 on the first four mornings of the Festival, at the Batha Museum. This year’s theme is The Politics of Nelson Mandela.


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