Street Carpet – Colleen Cassar.

colleen cassar

Colleen Cassar and a Carosa guy ‘on site’. x

Little did I know that when we began our rag rug fence that we would be bestowed with so much goodwill, kindness, gratitude, blessings and photo opportunities! Over the past week Soukaina, ¬†Yassine and I have been building a public art piece as part of the Culture Vultures Fringe Festival, bringing colour, activity and delightful surprise to a busy, noisy, dusty work site close to Batha Square. In the style of “boucherouite” rug knotting we have used the steel mesh barrier fence as the base for our rich carpet, made from all donated clothing and fabric offcuts.


Locals and tourists alike are full of appreciation and curiosity, our work inspiring shared stories of symbolism, expression, recycling and the need to educate our children to be mindful of our planet and it’s eco system. Local children are fascinated and daily we are blessed with smiling congratulations as they tread the path home from school. Just yesterday a group of teenage girls stopped to knot before they sat their English exam! What a great community you all are dear Fassi folk and visitors. Is there a collective noun for a group of blessings? A Rug of Baraka sounds good to me!


passer by gives the thumbs up. x


Street Carpet can be seen a few meters away from the newspaper stand / kiosk at Batha round about until who knows when…..

Street Carpet, from behind.

Street Carpet, from behind.

A Culture Vultures Production.

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