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Take a wonder town the Talla in Fez medina and after some time you will come across pOp uP alZahra, a tiny art space with the feel of carnival outside to lure the public into a space reminiscent of the andalucian palace alZahra. Once inside one will encounter artworks from artists as far afield as New York and as close a patch as Fez and Sefrou. Elegant traditional Calligraphy, contemporary collaged astrolabes, andalucian motifs and the essence of a garden are all presented to entice and inspire the viewer. Come on over, pOp on by and step inside before it all disappears again until next year.

Culture Vultures is proud to present this years portfolio of artists, Margaret Lanzetta, David Packer, Abdelsellam Rihani, Mohammed Charkaoui, Yassine Khaled, Heidi Vogels, Jess Stephens and Jewelry by Moroccan Bling.


A premier for Fez is the screening of Hidden Waters, a documentary made in 2012 by Joe Lukawski,  investigating the under currents of Fez’ ancient city.

Joe Lukawski is a Paris based documentary filmmaker and freelance journalist. A former Fulbright grantee to Morocco, his work has focused on water in Fez and the important links between this life-giving resource, urban space and social life. From the medina of Fez to the canals of Venice, his films privilege the relationship between the individual subject, space and social history. For Lukawski, ‘Les eaux cachées’ represents a work of ethnography, at the same time as it aspires to treat history and reflect on the future. In the andalous gardens of Fez, through the passages of the old city beneath which water still flows, and through the stories of Fez’s people, this film brought Lukawski into contact with the rich traditions of Fez’s people and some of the complex urban problems many of them face.


Hidden Waters can be seen anytime at pOp uP alZahra, should you wish the film to be started from the beginning upon your arrival please ask a member of alZahra.

pOp uP alZahra- Talla Kbira. (10a.m. – 8p.m.) 7th – 16th of June 2013.

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