Photography Exhibition opens at the french Institute.

The Transes Aneho, 2013

Dany Leriche and Jean Michel Fickinger

Opening: Friday, May 17, 18:30, Gallery of the Institute
Exhibition from May 17 to June 17, 2013


For many years, Dany Leriche and Jean-Michel Fickinger travered Africa to collect images that bear the signs and the looks of those who seek the space between heaven and earth, the Dust Gods. The images were taken in Togo during the Festival of Black Gods. Voodoo followers of Divinity Kokou use knives in trance: for instance, if they pretend to stab themselves, it is a reminder of how they died. And if they seem insensitive to blows, is that they are not quite there in the flesh: they are living images …


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