The Photography Rally – Fez

“Photography Rally” is a photo-based adventure that asks groups of participants to explore the Medina by matching target-locations with the photo provided. It aims at familiarizing people from different corners of the society to get to know Fez, and break down the social barriers between the old and new.


Saturday 16th  of December. In second week of the Fez International Photography Fair from 2 to 6 pm.



• Inside of the Medina area, each participant would get a map and a serial number

• Anyone who is 16 or above. People who want to participate have to form groups before they apply for the rally. Each group needs 3 members to collaborate to find assigned location.

• There are 6 assigned routes to this rally. At the beginning of the Rally, each group would head of different routes, then come back to the origin to hand in their photographs, and obtain the map of their next route.

• Each group will be provided with a map and images of the location with a caption at the bottom. Members would be asked to take some photos of the same spot to prove their arrival. Creativity is encouraged in participants re-approach to their assigned locations.

• There are five prizes in total, first come first served.The first Five groups who come back finishing all 6 routes are going to win the prize.

• By the end of the day, participants would discuss and share their photograph on PC screen, therefore, we request each participants to be prepared to submit their photographs in JPEG image sized 300* 300 pixel, 250dpi.

For more information contact Omar Chennafi –

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