The Mysteries of the Wild West….

The Mysteries of the Wild West, a cinematic concert is currently being presented in 13 cities across Morocco.The performance, entitled the Wild Wild West, a dreamlike creation from the Collectif 47, mixes several artistic disciplines, live music and cinema. The project is hosted the French Institute in collaboration with the Moroccan Cinematic Center (CCM). The aim if the show is to crate a dialogue between stage and screen. Through unpublished archival images from the 1930 – 70’s, a soundtrack of various influences, charactors and film actors/musicians come together. Singhkéo Panya, world music composer, adds fusion influences with Ethiopian and Eastern Europe, and West Africa and Moroccan.

The tour, started in Rabat, will finish in Tangier on the 29th and swings by Fez on Thursday the 27th of October.  The performance will start at 7 p.m. at Dar Batha.

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    • Thanks for the comment. Most of the stuff on the front page is other peoples words, CV is always looking for interesting material on culture and arts in Fez and beyond. Greetings and good wishes

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