Contemporary Spanish Crafts

Singular .es is a significant example of trades and crafts of various approaches coming out of Spain in the early 21st century with a contemporary common thread.  Traditional artisanal groups such as embroidery groups of Lagartera will be presented alongside the avant guard jewelry of Ramon Puig, contemporary textiles by KimaGuitart, Jordi young, Candela Cort and other contemporary makers and designers.


Creativity, innovation, design, ability to convey emotion, to dream or smile and of course technical excellence are important criteria in selection. The body of works has been narrowed down to around 110 pieces. The opening will be presented by curator Laura Michael. This project is supported by Spanish Foundation for Innovation of Crafts and the Spanish and Moroccan Ministy of Culture as well as the Instituto Cervantes.

The show opens at the Instituto Cervantes Gallery, Fez,  on the 22nd of March and runs for a month.

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