Festival of Sufi Culture 2012

Festival of Sufi Culture 2012

The 6th Edition of the Festival of Sufi Culture will take the stage this April in a shortened version than preciously presented. From Thursday the 12th to Saturday 14th a series of round tables, conferences and concerts will take place. The theme of this years festival is Hakim – “Sufi Sapiens”

The venues have yet to be published but the a provisional program is as follows..

Thursday 12th April

10 a.m.           Official opening of the Festival.

11 a.m.           Conference : the literature of Hakim in the Sufi tradition

4 p.m.            Conference : Hakim and poetry in the works of Mohammed Iqbal

8.30 p.m.        Concert by the Nidhamouddine Brotherhood from New Dehli India.

Friday 13th April

10a.m.            Conference : Hakim and the voice of spiritual chivalry (futuwwa)

4 p.m.             Conference : Hakim and Culture

8.30 p..           Concert : Samaâ of Tariqa Khalwatiyya from Turkey

Tariqa Khalwatiyya Brotherhood

Saturday 14th April

10 a.m.           Conference : Can one teach Knowledge?

4 p.m.             Round Table with  Eva de Vitray Meyerovitch lecturer of Iqbal : l’Islam in mouvement

8.30.pm.m      Closure concert : Arab/Andalusian and Samaa – with Sufi Brotherhoods from Morocco.


For more information see www.festivalculturesoufie.com

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