Ramsay Wood Talks @ ALIF/ALC

Ramsay Wood



October 20 at 5 PM

ALC/ALIF, Room 1

All are welcome to attend

“These stories speak to and belong to the whole of humanity . . . . What Ramsay has done over the last thirty years is to have made the version for our time.”

London-based author, Ramsay Wood, will be speaking at the American Center/ALIF about his two extraordinary books that recount some of the world’s oldest stories about animals and also tell us about the human condition.

It took Wood six years to write Kalila and Dimna: Fables of Friendship and Betrayal, which became a world-wide phenomenon, and even longer to write the next volume, Kalila and Dimna: Fables of Conflict and Intrigue, which will be published in December.

The secular animal fables from India found in The Pancatantra and its Buddhist inspiration, The Jataka Tales, have travelled widely and had a major influence on world literature. These stories spawned equally famous classics in both Arabic and Persian. These fables migrated to Europe and by the 16th century existed in Spanish, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Italian, French and English versions.

Ramsay Wood’s delightful retelling of The Pancatantra modernises the ancient fables and uses all the main versions from the Sanskrit to the Persian and Arabic and even the early English.

Wood is a renowned storyteller and has had a fascinating life. His talk will be entertaining as well as informative. Copies of his first volume will be available for sale and you can get them signed by the author.

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