Artists Call-out ~ Bottle Fashion

Bottle Fashion

Project Outline – Moroccan water carriers are kept cool in the summer by dressing them with old clothes and or scraps of material. This artists’ call-out requests the submission of designed water-bottle covers for a curated exhibition in Fez in the spring of 2010.

Glorify your old plastic bottle so that you are the latest gossip at the sakaia. Knit, stitch, crochet, collage, paper-mache or devise your own dressage material for your bottle fashion.

• This artists call-out is open to everyone, regardless of nationality, age or past experience. The artwork is what carries the weight.

• Up to 5 submissions are accepted.
• All works must have been designed by the applicant/artists.
• All chosen art works must be available for exhibition for the spring of 2010 and delivered to American Language Center, Fez.
• Format of submission – a clear digital image in jpg format.
• Enclose a brief statement about the work and/or its context.
Max 150 words.

Deadline for submission – Dec 31st 2009. The selection committee will assemble in January of 2010 and all applicants will be notified by 1st of February 2010.
Send submissions via mail to –

Start designing, be inspired and aspire to inspire.

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