Culture Vultures is an artist-run initiative born in the heart of a market town in Northern Morocco, whose mission is to weave and work among and across the rich cultural tapestry of local Morocco.   An arts and Culture organization with a focus that is deeply rooted in Sefrou, a place of close proximity to modern Fes but which remains deeply connected to its own long and layered history, Culture Vultures seeks to build bridges here through the arts in its many forms.

Liz Kueneke- Urban Fabric - Fez

Liz Kueneke- Urban Fabric – Fez

Through a program of tours, workshops, residencies, exhibitions and small cultural happenings they have gained a foothold in the salon of cross-cultural exchange, and have here nurtured a multidisciplinary and multilingual arts dialogue.  Artists are encouraged to exchange, interact, collaborate, reflect, perform and create, within the Sefrou community whilst under their gentle facilitation and support.”

pick em up by ASIL Visuals

pick em up by ASIL Visuals


Culture Vultures is gratefully buttressed by the hard work of staff and project assistants and by the enthusiasm and openness of the artisans and the extended local communities of Sefrou and Fez.

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