About the Organization

Culture Vultures is an arts and cultural organization founded and based in the Moroccan market town, Sefrou, at the base of the Middle Atlas Mountains.  Founded in 2009, our mission is to celebrate and facilitate local, national and international arts and offer immersive cross-cultural experiences.

Liz Kueneke- Urban Fabric – Fez

We are committed to community involvement and have built up a vast network of international and local artists and artisans and produced a wide range of programs and activities including:

  • The Design and facilitation of artist residency programs. ( a.k.a AiR Sefrou )
  • Connecting visitors with the traditional regional artisan-ship through immersive and participatory visits .
  • Presenting regular Pop Up Gallery spaces in the medinas of Fez and Sefrou.
  • Community service projects such, movement / dance workshops, community cinema, painting the medina and art for the local hospital.
  • Hosting student groups and collaborating with community service and intercultural exchange programs.

For more information contact Jess at culture.vulture1@rocketmail.com

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